There are times when it can be very difficult living with a terminal illness and still live a regular life. There are days when fatigue can become very overwhelming, making a regular day hard to manage. There has to be a balance of not only physical health but also spiritual, mental, and social health. In order to be healthy and function in this world, we have to take care of ourselves in all aspects of our lives. You can’t be healthy physical but have negative people around you always complaining about whats not right in their lives or judging your every move. Their attitude eventually will rub off on you and can effect how you respond to certain situations. I’ve learned over the years that I have to keep positive and like-minded individuals around me. I have the type of personality that if someone is negative, I pick up those vibes and my entire demeanor changes. I make sure to surround myself with spiritually strong individuals as well. This factor makes a HUGE difference in your spiritual growth and your relationships. Practicing meditation, daily devotionals, spiritual guidance are all healthy ways to improve spirituality. I always have to take time for myself to think about everything that has occured and to get my thought together. I’ve experienced depression, self-consciousness, among other things. IT IS NOT FUN!!! When my mind starts to become overwhelmed and thoughts began to race, I literally have to stop what I am doing and get it together. If not, it shows up in my appearance, my attitude, my body language and more. Sometimes things do become too hard to handle and I just end up in a funk, we all do. I’ve learned to pay attention and catch those actions early so it won’t come out in my work or anything else. I am still a work in progress, and I know God is constantly working on me and building me.


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