Put the table salt down

When it comes to cooking, seasoning is very important. The way you season your food determines how it will turn out. What you season with is also very important. Growing up I loved watching my mom mix stuff together, that’s basically how I learned (and getting on her nerves until she would let me cook with her!). One thing we never used a lot of was salt, mainly due to my lupus. Once I was diagnosed, all of our eating habits changed. Once I moved out on my own I became more aware of what I was putting in my food. I didn’t buy the store brand seasonings filled with bleached salt and other preservatives. I became very careful and started reading all the labels. 

Being the nerd I am, I remembered so much from my science classes and how different minerals helped keep the body functioning. One very important mineral the human body needs is salt. Not the white stuff we find at the grocery store, REAL SALT. The best would be pink salt. Pink salt identified 84 essential minerals required to sustain human life. The reason there are so many people suffering from diseases it because we have chronic mineral deficiencies. Pink salt is the purest and most natural form of salt on earth. It contains less sodium and only requires small doses when using. It helps to balance out water throughout the body (Ladies it helps with water weight during that fun time of the month..ha). Balances pH, lowers blood pressure, removes and dissolves toxins, and helps the intestines absorb nutrients. 

Pink salt is also good for strengthening bones, improving circulation, prevents cramping, and increases hydration. I can be a witness to how much it has helped me over the last three years. When I cook my food, I can tell that I don’t have anymore flairs because there isn’t much sodium that I’m consuming. It has really made a difference in my arthritis and osteoporosis. Exercising is much easier for me and the winter months aren’t as painful either. 

So go throw that table salt away and go buy PINK SALT or any unbleached salt for that matter. 


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