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Two Years Later (Life as a Vegan, June 2015)

TWO YEARS!! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve eaten any dairy. It’s been even longer since I’ve had a piece of meat. These last two years have taught me a few very valuable lessons. I’ve noticed that I’ve grown to become stronger and more energized. Not only has it changed my outlook on food but life in general. Here are a few of them.
1. Patience – When I first started the journey, there were instant changes. I was so excited! About 8 months in, my body started to fight back. As it was saying, “Girl we didn’t ask for this.” One month I would feel like a million bucks. The next month it felt like I was making the wrong decision. Regardless to what I felt, I stuck with it. I knew that temporary discomfort couldn’t compare to the overall benefits I would receive. I recreated meals that I enjoyed so they would fit into my new vegan lifestyle. I learned to slow down and listen to my body.
2. Endurance – There were absolutely days I really wanted to give up and bite into a fish sandwich. Early on I would wake up with cravings, and despite anything I did it would not go away. I continuously found myself wanting to quit. I had to remind myself why I started this journey. I began to remember the nights in the hospital, the pain of drawing blood, and all that money I spent on co-pays and medication. I refused to go back to that, no matter how hard it was.
3. Acceptance – the hardest part about this entire journey was getting use to EVERYONE questioning my decision. I felt attacked; no one seemed to understand my reasons and thought I was just crazy. Even today, there are still family members and total strangers that try to teach me what the proper diet is for me. Instead of defending myself, I just allow my health and progress speak for itself.
4. Creativity- not to brag but my cooking skills have gotten even better. flips hair
Learning about new foods and spices and combining them in dishes have really expanded my taste buds. Dishes that I enjoyed in the past that consisted of dairy or meat, I’ve recreated to fit my new lifestyle. Foods that I would have never considered in the past are now my favorites.
I find myself even now growing and changing each and everyday. There are foods I knew nothing about that I love. Also I’ve adopted something I call “90% raw vegan meal a day.” Basically I eat an uncooked (raw) vegan meal majority of the day and one cooked vegan meal. Doing this my body is taking in more nutrients and getting everything I need to stay healthy.

I’m so excited to share my progress over the next few years as well as share a few of my favorite recipes. cookbook coming in the near future


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