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How I’ve continued success as a vegan

It’s approaching my 3-year plant-based anniversary. During this time I’ve found there are a few items that I just can’t go without. These are the things that have helped me stay successful and have made the process so much easier for me. Here are just a few items that I just can’t live without. They are in no particular order, just items that I use regularly and can’t go without.


If you know me or have been following me for a while, you know that I LOVE anything with noodles. Well we all know majority of noodles are made with egg or some other kind of unidentifiable product. I thought I was all done with noodle dishes until I discovered the Spiralizer. This was one of the best things anyone could have made. I was able to make anything into noodles like: zucchini, sweet potatoes, and so much more. Finding this not only gave me so many options in what I could eat, but it even made it easier to prep and slice foods.

One thing I’ve gotten more into is creating my own sauces and finding more creative ways to replace food items that I don’t eat anymore. Early on in the journey I had a small personal blender that worked great for the time I had it. Once I started using it on a daily bases, I needed a blender that could stand up to the constant use. Plus the company will replace anything that is broken and there is a lifetime warranty.


To avoid taking the time to cup up all my vegetables, another necessary item for me is a food processor. For someone who makes guacamole just about every week, this made my life so much easier.


Last but definitely not least on the list is a juicer. Sometimes I just want fresh made juice to substitute for a full meal. The pulp can also be used for recipes and so much more.

These are just a few items that I use regularly and it definitely has helped me stay successful on this journey. A few other items that I can think of are knifes, large mixing bowls, and glass jars. What do you use? I would love to hear from you.


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