Before you eat that…drink some water first

Most of us are walking around dehydrated but it feels like we are hungry. By drinking water or raw juice.

1. You avoid overeating:

you won’t feel the need stuff your face because it feels you’re about to die from starvation. The water fills you up while removing toxins.

2. Hydrates the skin and organs:

A lot of people think just by putting on some oils or lotion that it will be ok. All you’re doing is adding a greasy layer over your skin that will only dry up as the day goes on because you’re rubbing up against things and people all day. To avoid ashy skin, you have to drink a nice amount of water every morning and throughout the day.

3. Assist in weight loss:

Like stated earlier, drinking water helps to fight the urge to overeat. This benefits with anyone trying to loss weight or maintain it. Drinking water on an empty stomach gives your digestive system time to process what’s about to happen. Hot or room temperature water adds in boosting the immune and digestive system. It helps in breaking down the food and distributing nutrients where they are suppose to go.

If you’re not a water drinker but want to add more to your daily routine, start off my adding fresh fruits to your water. Or by local fresh juice or coconut water (by the actual coconut). This will give you a good mix so you won’t burn out on the amount of water you’re consuming. #drinkmorewater #dehydration #water


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